Our Programs
The Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID) is a regional advocacy institution doing policy, campaigns and solidarity work to advocate for people-to-people solidarity through its peacebuilding and thematic work in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia. IID develops partnerships with other groups in the region through its engagement modalities (people-to-people, South-South, democratization, learning exchanges, gender, dialogue and coalition building).
Peace Process
The Peace Process program aims to highlight various civil society engagement and advocacy initiatives on both formal and community-based peace processes happening in the Philippines as well those in the region. Through peacebuilding and conflict-transformation and people -to- people dialogue frameworks, the program implements various strategies such as peace monitoring, negotiated political dialogues, constituency and network building and advocacy on transitional justice to surface the ‘narratives and struggles of peoples’ especially in the conflict-affected communities. Based on these community narratives, the program with their partner communities collectively develop and design strategic projects towards peace advocacy and policy engagement.
Right to Self-Determination and Solidarity
Anchored on IID’s mission, vision, institutional goals and guiding principles, the RSD and Solidarity Program aims to shape and develop the strategic direction of IID’s ‘RSD and Solidarity work’ primarily in target countries within the region where IID has an active presence and existing networks. Assertions of the fundamental right to self-determination have become more intense and popular as peoples in the region become more assertive and involved in various fora that openly talk about self-governance, autonomy, human rights, human security, and self-determination struggles.
Knowledge Management and Communication
The KMC focuses on communicating the issues and challenges of peacebuilding and conflict prevention, right to self determination, peace process engagement and human security work of IID. For years, IID’s KMC unit has been into strategic use of technology, media communications, policy engagement and other advocacy strategies to contribute to the development and strengthening of the institution’s core programs and thematic concerns. As one of the core institutional programs, KMC facilitates the harvesting and harnessing of the positive results and lessons of IID’s more than 3-decades of work.
Institutional Development
The Program ensures the operations of the institution function properly. It oversees Administration and Finance as well as the Human Resource Development needs of the organization. It also assumes the Knowledge Management and discourse development undertakings of IID.