An explosive cocktail - Counter-terrorism, militarisation and authoritarianism in the Philippines

This discussion paper explores how the renewed global focus on counter-terrorism, combined with rise of authoritarianism and militarism in the Philippines, has produced an explosive cocktail; one that is having damaging effects on conflict dynamics, civic space and the democratic freedoms of citizens.

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Open Letter from Civil Society Organizations calling on the Council’s immediate action to ensure the protection of demonstrators

We are writing to express our deep concern over the safety of the peaceful demonstrators in Myanmar and urge you to take immediate action to ensure their protection and their fundamental right to freedom of peaceful assembly, expression and information.

About IID

Who we are

The Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID) is a regional advocacy institution doing policy, campaigns and solidarity work to advocate for people-to-people solidarity through its peacebuilding and thematic work in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia.

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Tribute to CHR Chair Chito Gascon

The Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID) together with its partners and networks among indigenous peoples and Bangsamoro communities, solidarity and peace workers joins the human rights community and all democrats in the country and around the region in...

Hiring: Operations Manager

Hiring: Operations Manager

WE ARE HIRING! The Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID) is seeking a motivated and dynamic peacebuilder and human rights advocate filling the position of Operations Manager (OM). JOB SUMMARY The OM is mainly responsible for ‘operations oversight and...

IID is celebrating 33 years this month

IID is celebrating 33 years this month

It’s been quite a journey, from being established in 1988 just after the Filipino people ousted a dictator, to today when the forces of that dark era are attempting a political comeback. Sadly with the aid of current forces in power, and tragically, enabled even by...

What we do


peace process

Highlights various civil society engagement and advocacy initiatives on both formal and community-based peace processes happening in the Philippines as well those in the region through peacebuilding and conflict-transformation and people -to- people dialogue frameworks.

Right to self-determination and solidarity

Assertions of the fundamental right to self-determination have become more intense and popular as peoples in the region become more assertive and involved in various fora that openly talk about self-governance, autonomy, human rights, human security, and self-determination struggles. 

Knowledge Management

Focuses on communicating the issues and challenges of peacebuilding and conflict prevention, right to self determination, peace process engagement and human security work of IID.

institutional development

Ensures the operations of the institution function properly. It oversees Administration and Finance as well as the Human Resource Development needs of the organization.