On the 5th anniversary of the Saffron Revolution, the Free Burma Coalition- Philippines (FBC-P) reiterates its solidarity with the Burmese peoples’ continuing struggle for genuine democracy, freedom and justice.

FBC-P believes that the current changes taking place in Burma, is the result of a long history of resistance of the Burmese peoples – including the series of escalating protests that took place on September 22 – 27, 2007, known as the Saffron Revolution. The military regime did not effect the ongoing reforms willingly.

The Saffron Revolution- led by brave, young and old Buddhist monks and sustained by courageous students– was a clear message that the Burmese people have had enough of the repression under the Generals who have virtually governed their lives since their nation’s inception.They could no longer be silenced.

As changesunfold, it should be emphasized that democratization within Burma is nowhere close to creating the necessary conditions towards building genuine democracy in the country.The intensifying ethnic conflicts, continued militarization in the borders, oppressive laws, remaining political prisoners,spreading violence against women and children, persistent human rights violations with impunity, denial of peoples participation in the decision making process, among others, are issues that desperately merit the attention and sustained support of the international solidarity movement.

For FBC-P, genuine democratization in Burma can only be achievedthrougha process thatinvolves the people – through genuine consultations and dialogues.The international solidarity movement to which FBC-P belong, will continue, and, intensify its workin pressuring and pushing for genuine democratization In Burma.