It is with sadness that the Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID) condoles with the families of those who lost loved ones to the senseless terrorist act of September 1 in Davao City. In the midst of the evening’s gaiety and in the common clasp of family and friends, 14 innocents were brutally and violently ripped from our midst, and 67 others were left scarred by this single, heartless and cold-blooded act of terror. With them all and together with the citizens of Davao, we now mourn and send our prayers. Less visible yet equally painful to us are the fresh wounds left on the psyche of Davao’s people, along with the rest of us working worldwide in seeking a more peace-filled and just world.

We condemn this act and all such acts that have come before it, be it through Davao’s bloodied history and all other corners of the globe touched by terror. Extremism of this nature has no purpose but chaos, and this is unacceptable and we condemn it as such. We support all efforts to bring the perpetrators of such acts to justice, for there is no closure without restitution, nor forgiveness without remorse. Justice must be served.

We express our prayerful solidarity with Davao in rising again, bloodied but unbowed, determined and unbroken as ever. We believe we all must grow stronger and more resolute in our quest for ending terrorism and entrenching a global culture of peace. This as we strive to likewise address the causes and roots that lead to these terrible deeds. For such is the only long-term and sustainable response. Let this be our noble and steadfast calling. We shall continue to work ceaselessly towards these ideals and ends. Together we pray for the day when we all can rest, at peace with our fellowmen and the world. Peace.