The Initiatives for International Dialogue (IID) lends it voice to the growing international call for an immediate stop to the carnage of in Gaza, and for the parties in conflict to always respect the rights of the civilians they’ve placed at risk. Aligned with the calls of the United Nations Security Council, the Quartet on the Middle East, the Arab League as well as numerous national leaders and ordinary citizens appalled by the war, IID calls on both the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Hamas leadership and other anti-Israeli forces, to immediately stop their attacks and seek other measures for redress of grievances and differences.

In the past week, IID and the rest of the world have been horror-struck witnesses to the relentless exchange of rockets, missiles and ordnance that have killed and injured numerous civilians, reduced homes and buildings to rubble and disrupted thousands of lives on both sides of the dividing line, but mostly in Gaza. Even despite the purported intent to reduce collateral damage and civilian casualties, the scores of dead, wounded and maimed men, women and particularly children shown to the world are forever unacceptable costs of this prevailing war.

In the light of such appalling inhumanity, IID reiterates its call for an immediate ceasefire and pulling back of forces. IID also calls for the immediate provision of humanitarian aid to all victims of the conflict. IID further calls on leaders and intermediaries of both parties to broker dialogue and discuss terms for the de-escalation of the conflict and other ways forward.

IID believes that any war will always be untenable. It is a practice that once entrenched corrupts the appreciation for humanity and human worth. In our shrinking world, sowing such division and violence has no place.

Stop the war in Gaza now!