Transitional Justice In and Beyond Bangsamoro: Research Study on Community Narratives of Resilience and Truth-telling”, is a bundled research publication and resource guide on basic concepts and narratives on how transitioning societies deal with past atrocities. We aim to see how these interlocking concepts of transitional justice (TJ), dealing with the past, justice, reconciliation, and restorative justice feed into each other in the universe of theory, practice and policy. The realm of practice is breathed into life by the stories of survival, truth seeking, and restoring relationships delicately woven in the entire documentation process.

A result of a two-year peacebuilding project of listening, dialogue, imagining and taking action towards contributing to the discourse on TJR in and beyond the Bangsamoro, this was formally presented with key actors and stakeholders during the webinar last May 31, 2021, entitled “Role of Community, Culture, and Memory : Public Presentation of Narratives and Civil Society Proposals”. This knowledge product is a salvo of civil society’s efforts in further socializing and engaging the TJR discourse, agenda, and process during the political transition.